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Remember to pack your IFE

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When Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO of Apple, made his famous “third device” speech back in 2010, you have to wonder how far reaching he thought that product – we’re talking about the Ipad and all the clones that have followed – would be.

Apple saw tablets as the ideal web browser and video-watching device, forseeing a time when we were all in range of 3g, WIFI and, eventually… read the rest of “Remember to pack your IFE”

On what to pack

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Change of clothes… check

Papers for meeting… check

Passport… check, actually double check

Smartphone… yes, oh definitely.

What has changed the user-experience of business flying in the last few years? The effects of 9/11 for sure. New routes, new aircraft, the economy tanking – yep, all those.

Smartphones and tablets? How have the Iphone et al changed air travel? (Use of tablets in-flight are up… read the rest of “On what to pack”