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Based near Heathrow Airport, Aero Technics Design offer specialist design and certification services for interior modifications to commercial, VIP and corporate aircraft, as well as electrical and avionic system upgrades. High profile customers include Virgin Atlantic, First Choice and BMI.

Whenever such changes to aircraft are undertaken, the design and testing has to be closely monitored and certified. In Europe, this is the responsibility of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Aero Technics Design, as an EASA Part 21 approved company, can approve minor changes to aircraft and liaise with EASA to obtain approvals for more major changes. They regularly work with other airworthiness authorities to gain approvals for modifications to aircraft registered outside Europe.

Tight deadlines and short turnaround times are the norm in this business – airlines cannot afford their aircraft to be on the ground for longer than necessary – as are the high levels of quality required to pass EASA’s stringent approval processes.

A typical project could involve designing and planning a cabin reconfiguration, replacing seats, galleys, cabin dividers, wardrobes and stowage compartments.

In addition to meeting the airline operators’ requirements, cabin reconfigurations require designers to ensure compliance with regulations such as the space required between seats and the room allotted for passengers to get to the entry and exit points. By creating 3D models of the aircraft’s interiors using the latest computer aided design tools, Aero Technics Design can ensure compliance by visualising and demonstrating new designs in virtual environments.

If you’d like to know more about Aero Technics Design, contact us via the web site here.

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