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How to sit in Economy

It’s worked for you before, so always worth a try – book the middle seat in the hope that the check-in assistants will leave you alone to enjoy three-seat luxury.

It’s looking good, nearly everyone’s boarded, time to sidle over to the window seat. But wait, two more passengers have appeared and are heading your way. Sure enough it’s your A and C – the game’s up.

It’s all gone horribly wrong – you’re stuck in the middle with nowhere to rest your head, no space for your arms and no escape from the idiot already reclining in front of you.

So, assuming you have a choice, where is the best place to sit in cattle class?

The exit row – a perennial favourite and the best option for most flyers. A bit of extra leg room and no one reclining in front of you. An added bonus is no kids allowed in these rows but, on larger aircraft, the exits are often near galleys which could be noisy.

Aisle seats – always favourite if you’re likely to need the bathroom or want to deplane as quickly as possible, but you’ll need to keep your arms tucked in to avoid being jostled by flight attendants and don’t expect any sort of view out.

Window – the best choice if you want a kip. A jacket is all you need to cushion your skull from the bulkhead. Not the best choice, however, if you have a weak bladder.

Wing – good for the nervous flyers as turbulence is less noticeable and you can keep a reassuring eye on the integrity of the wing and engines.

And of course, never, ever book the middle seat.

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