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On what to pack

Change of clothes… check

Papers for meeting… check

Passport… check, actually double check

Smartphone… yes, oh definitely.

What has changed the user-experience of business flying in the last few years? The effects of 9/11 for sure. New routes, new aircraft, the economy tanking – yep, all those.

Smartphones and tablets? How have the Iphone et al changed air travel? (Use of tablets in-flight are up 15% (1), with more than one in four travellers now calling theirs’ a carry-on essential.)

Well, at first they let us access our email as far as the jetways,  check our flight’s status while in the taxi to the airport (half of all fliers check their flights online) and keep ourselves entertained onboard reading books, watching movies or playing games. Then they became our check-in tool (30% of air passengers now check-in this way).

All this even before we could use them to get web access on-board. (27% would choose one airline over another if the flight offered Wi-Fi)

So now, with our Iphones and a decent pair of headphones, we can be excused one of our least favourite things about air travel – socializing (76% of passengers have no interest in chatting in the air).

What’s next? Well, paying for things via smartphones is already a reality in many countries so that takes care of the duty free, and electronic ID cards can’t be far away, so maybe we can even leave the passport at home.

You did remember your Iphone, didn’t you?

(1) all statistics from a Tripadvisor Poll of US-based travellers

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