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The future of “light” entertainment and seating

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The attendance and mood of the Aircraft Interiors exhibition this week in Hamburg clearly demonstrated the enthusiasm and optimism of the cabin interiors market, albeit tinged with caution. While passenger numbers are increasing, some airlines – and those who rely on them – are still struggling.

It seems, though, that innovation is abundant, and whether we as passengers turn left or right after we board, seating is not, ahem, standing still. In economy, lighter-weight seating, using the latest composites, demonstrate the potential for significant weight and fuel savings. Meanwhile, up at the front, first class “pods” giving passengers unprecedented comfort and privacy were on show.

But, it seems that faster, lighter and easier to install in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems were the biggest innovations.

To date, installing IFE systems has required extensive downtime for the aircraft, but some of the new systems on show can be fitted during routine overnight layovers or maintenance checks. Wireless connectivity eliminates he weight of lengthy cables saving as much weight as the equivalent of nine passengers.

Intelligent Avionics, part of the Aero Technics group, presented the latest addition to its seat-centric IFE system, AURA Works. New for this year’s event is AURA One, a lightweight, fast and inexpensive way to replace an aircraft’s analogue (tape drive) systems with cutting edge digital IFE. AURA One promises airlines better-quality video and audio for passengers as well as a broader range of content and services without the need to change existing overhead screens or wiring.

Intelligent Avionics also introduced AURA Connected which will be available later this year. This lightweight, wireless intranet system offers passengers an extensive range of content, advertising and digital products and services streamed direct to their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The Rise of the Regional Business Carrier

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Exhibition junkies can get their fill in the late/new year period as the major shows in Dubai and Singapore attract the attention and attendance of the world’s aerospace industry. Attendances this year have been dramatically up, a trend likely to be matched in March at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, and one word may have made a dramatic comeback…


Much overused before the economic crisis began – but rarely heard since – ‘diversification’ is the word on the lips of the main players in the aircraft interiors industry. They’re not talking about diversifying into car interiors, but diversifying existing fleets of regional transports into dual class.

Why? Well perhaps it’s a sign that the business travellers that were prone to being lost to the low-cost carriers have now all been lost, and those that remain want something new, something better. Perhaps it’s simply that the low-cost carriers have now carved out their sector, leaving other operators to redefine their offers in whatever sectors they have left.

Those sectors remain huge and are growing – the business jet market is booming: the number of bizjets flying around the Gulf States is expected to triple by 2019 with movements increasing by 50% just in 2012. But, the most interesting trend is the provision of Business and First class seats in regional jets and turboprops. The conversion is well underway in the US with Embraer 170/175 and Bombardier CRJ700/900s being refitted with a 2-1 configuration with on-board Wi-Fi and tablet-based IFE. Virgin Australia recently announced similar plans for its regional fleet.

Of course, such reconfiguration should mean the sacrifice of more economy seats, but it will be interesting to see if the loss of on-board stowage and catering is the real cost of diversification.

New website for Aero Technics

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Aero Technics are proud to unveil a new website. With a contemporary look and feel and integrated blog, the new site reflects are more “group” feel, highlighting Aero Technic activities such as the Compistes business and the close associations within the group such as Aura and Dyers.