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Kitting Services

Pioneering the kitting revolution in the aircraft industry, Aero Technics are the market leaders at saving both time and money for Airlines and MRO’s alike. With nearly ten years' experience, Aero Technics offers a wide range, including:

  • Aircraft Preload Check kits
  • Component Overhaul/Repair kits
  • On Wing Component Replacement kits
  • Engine Change & Filter kits

With contracts in place and increasing steadily, Aero Technics have demonstrated their desire to help their customers save time and money. Year on year, Aero Technics have proven their worth by holding prices at very competitive rates and still deliver a top quality product.

From conception to delivery, you will be impressed with the professionalism and effort that goes into helping you to save time and money.

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Kitting Services
Pioneering the kitting revolution to hit the aircraft industry
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Aero Technics is a leading provider of interior services
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Detailed Design and Certification Commercial, VIP and Corporate aircraft
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Advanced technology to cut and kit composite materials & components